What happens inside our ultrasound shell and tube cleaning machine?

Synchronized transducers radiation of sound waves provides distinct advantages in cleaning applications. Transducers produce cyclic positive and negative pressure waves at the frequency of operation. The positive pressure wave acts as a pushing force and the negative pressure wave acts as a pulling force.

During the low-pressure phase the liquid molecules extend beyond their natural physical force, generating vacuum nuclei that continue to grow to a maximum size proportional to the applied sonic frequency. During the high-pressure phase of the next half cycle, the vacuum bubble implodes thus inducing all the energy to focus inward. The cumulative effect of millions of continuous tiny implosions in a liquid form provides the necessary mechanical energy to break up the physically / chemically bonded contaminants. The chemical composition of the medium travels through the liquid, sound wave compresses and rarefies to produce alternate zones of high- and low-pressure phases.

The energy releases from the cavitation implosion, disintegrates the contaminants, allowing the cleaning detergent/solvent to displace it very quickly. Simultaneously, this implosion also creates dynamic pressure to carry away contaminants from the substrate surface.

Why HX Power Cleaning ultrasounds are the best on the market? 

Large parts as shell and tube cleaning require the most powerful physical action available for best cleaning results. HX Power Cleaning can provide this thanks to:

    • Our expertise at Low Frequency (28 kHz) generates a high-power cavitation.
    • The Highest Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology on the market
    • Our Synchronized technology required to avoid cavitation energy absorption in large tanks amongst various generators working at once.
    •  Our transducers assembly to tank procedure with aeronautical special welding adhesive avoids any energy loss thus providing 100% maximum performance.
    • High Power Ultrasound Density Ratio (4-5 watt/liter)
28khz ultrasonic cleaner

The most powerful cleaning performance on the market, developed for difficult applications

Reduction of operating costs (detergent, water and electricity). Eco-friendly 50% reduction at detergent usage means thousands of euros savings

Industrial robost design and construction for a longer reliability and lifetime

The lowest electrical consumption with +150% thermal insulation layer(50 mm vs standard 20 mm) to avoid expensive heat loss

Built-in over 20 or 40 feet sea container platform, with easy set up at customer´s place.

Tools for automated control of cleaning process